Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Panorama and Dispatches expose the scandal of sick people being declared fit for work

Two TV programmes last night exposing the scandal of the DWP and ATOS perversely declaring people fit for work when they clearly aren't.  I am interviewed on Panorama.

Most disturbing of all are the evasive and contradictory comments on Panorama by DWP Minister Chris Grayling MP about whether or not there are targets to cut the numbers getting benefits.  In the context of a legally regulated system, targets would not only be unlawful but potentially actionable by anyone who has lost out as a result.

Just as well he was not appearing before a Tribunal or his evidence might be declared unreliable.  Also his awful comment which encourages judges to ignore the law when making decisions on appeals. 

Funny how many rulers seem to think that the rule of law only applies to laws which control the poor and not to laws which empower them and help them achieve justice.

BBC Panorama   Channel 4 Dispatches

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