Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A powerful video - must watch

A really powerful 10 minute video from The Guardian about what is happening to benefit claimants.  It includes a reference to the leaked internal DWP email about people committing suicide after having their benefits cut.

DWP press officers, try to play down the impact of the service on people, but all advisers regularly encounter claimants at their wits end, and worse as a result of problems with the benefits system.

And still the Labour Front Bench don't stand up and challenge the government on welfare reform - obsessed with the small demographic of a few swing voters in marginal seats who are apparently concerned about "scroungers".  Shame on them.

As a very experienced, (and I hope knowledgeable), adviser, there are many times when I find dealing with the DWP on behalf of my clients absolutely maddening.  How must it feel for people caught up in the system and left with little or no money and being punished for their poverty?


  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and I would like to thank you for taking the time to publish this information. It is very helpful to know what is really going on in the benefits system, particularly as I have been unable to work and on Incapacity Benefit since 1997 and am dreading the 'brown envelope' arriving.

  2. Once your appeal is turned down ie the !!appels board agree with atos they then inform the dla who in turn re asess your claim! How can an atos dr disagree with your own gp?the view is if you can make it to an appeal board you can work. My own gp says she sees hundeds of paients every month who says the new system of welfare reform is'nt working!

  3. with respect to those whom are suffering like myself whom struggled hard to keep themselves in the workplace and was retired on ill health!, whom have become worse and are now deemed not ill eneough to be in the support group, have had to apply to atos again for a medical (i was told i could work at a desk on the phone! dwp)had no idea that i worked as a manager,did work relocation placementin an office answering phones basic admin but because of my illness made so many mistakes became worse could pick up a phone and forget straight after whom it was forgeeting to write down. feel totaly insulted i am being punished because i paid 37 years NI, and my wife works..WHY?